Outfit sizes for little dolls

2007. 7. 7. 18:39

I made outfit for DZdoll BB Ani type at this time.
And I realize some fact.
... Her breast is bigger than Yo- sd.
Even bigger than Petit AI.
(be known data for three type is yo-sd is 13cm.
Petit Ai is 13.7cm BB doll is 14.5cm.
Height are Petit Ai is 30cm yo-sd is 28cm BB doll is 25cm
for your reference)
Usually baby dolls are don't wear too tight fit outfit.
But It could have problem BB dolls wear yo-sd outfi.
I recommand BB dolls wear Petit Ai Size outfit.

(Personally, I don't like to say yo-sd has same size with Petit Ai)

DZ BB doll のサイズ互換に個人的な意見です。
BBドールのバストサイズはPetit Aiより大きいです
(yo-sd -13cm, Petit Ai - 13.7cm, BB doll -14.5cm.)
Petit Ai の服を着せることをお勧めします。

DZ BB doll 타입의 의상호환에 대한 짧은 잡담입니다.
가슴둘레가.. 무려 쁘띠AI보다 두꺼워요..
쁘띠가 딱 맞게 입을 수 있는 옷을 입혀봤더니
똑딱이가 심하게 당겨져 옷 망가질까봐 바로
벗겼습니다. 작은 아이들 옷은 타이트한 스타일이
많지 않지만 유SD 의상보다 쁘띠의상 쪽을
입히는걸 추천해요.
Posted by Candy smoothie