2006. 8. 22. 00:35

  스펠만 보면 무슨 새로 생긴 풀쵸이스 이름같으나...
  그 정체는 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  여름 다 지나갈때쯤 여름을 타는지 체력이 떨어져 고생중입니다..
  덧붙이면.. 이라고 하려다 왠지 어법상
  위화감이 느껴져 그만두었습니다.
  있을 수 없는 표현까지야 아니겠지만..

&  위의 수다거리들을 외국어로 표현하려면 난감하지요..
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2006. 8. 7. 01:00

This little Teddy bear is made for my friend's birthday gift
(500won coin is almost same as 500 yen coin)
5 jointed mohair bear, with glass eyes.
  It's too hard to make such little thing.
  I decided i'll never make miniature teddy bear.
But... well. I don't know.
Someday I shall want to make Little ones.

덧.. 최근 너무 더워요.
냉방비가 두려워 죽겠으나 안틀어놓고 견딜수 없습니다. T^T
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Leprechaun mode on !!

2006. 7. 14. 04:50

なにやっとんねん =_= ;;;
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2006. 6. 16. 02:39

I use English for title and some sentence in this site .
But, most circumstance, Candy smoothie is only for showing.
So, I can barely sure that someone could get
meaning in use other language.
 But I know not only korean come this site.
So. if you feel like say somthing to me,  just say it.
I'll be very glad to read that.  
(I'm Not good at english. so If there is some error
at my words. Please, Please, Don't Let me be misunderstood ^^;;)

 すいぶん下手だど思いますが すこしは日本語ができます
 このサイトの中では あまりフィードバックがないので
 知ってますので 時々には下手くそでも
  こうやって 何かを話したいと思います
 だから少しでも Candy Smoothieが 気にいらっしゃる方は
 何でもいいから ことばを掛けてください~ ^^=
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2006. 5. 9. 16:11

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